KIDS CLASSES, Teen/Adult Ballet: 1840 Willamette Street
Teen/Adult Hip Hop, TIP TAP TOES: 99 E 17th Ave

About Xcape

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This place is DREAM. This place is an ESCAPE. This place is SAFE. This place is COMMUNITY. This place is LOVE.

It is the place I wish I had in this community when I was growing up, and the place I will continue to build with my whole heart and being.

THIS PLACE IS Xcape Dance Academy.


-Vanessa Fuller

Owner and Artistic Director

More than Just a Dance Studio...

Xcape Dance Academy is a place where dancers of all ages, aspirations, and walks of life can come together to enjoy freedom of movement and self expression through dance. Xcape Dance Academy is dedicated to helping students follow their dreams, reach their technical and performance goals, and providing cutting edge instruction in the art of dance.


Whether you just love to dance, or are pursuing a professional career, Xcape Dance Academy will provide an artistic, fun, and creative atmosphere that allows students to grow into excellent dancers, performers, and people.


The family in here goes beyond the movement. We are united by our passion for expression and our zest for life.


Artistic Director

Learn more about Vanessa, Owner and Artistic Director of Xcape Dance Academy!

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BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER. Equality matters. Justice matters. Love matters. HUMANITY MATTERS. Never lose faith, stay persistent, keep pushing forward, and do what you love